B2B (Business to Business) is a business to establish business relationships with businesses such as McDonald’s, we are only able to buy McDonald’s and Coca-Cola because of the business partners. Businessmen to establish business partnership is the hope that through the what is offered to form a complementary development opportunities, our business can be profitable. Example: maritime network, Directindustry (Finderwal), million net, Alibaba,Tradett,HC network, business network.

B2C (Business to Consumer) is that we often see vendors sell goods directly to the user, for example you go to McDonald’s to eat is B2C, because you just a customer. Example: Dangdang, Joyo.

C2C (Consumer to Consumer), similar to the retail market, the direct object is the end-user shopping Example: Taobao, Paipai, eBay, Youa.

C2B (Consumer to Business), a relatively new concept, meaning by what the customer to choose their own things, the price of what is required, then the business to decide whether to accept the customer’s requirements and if the business receiving the customer’s requirements, then the transaction is successful ; if the merchant does not accept the customer’s request, then that transaction to fail.

B2G (business-to-government) mode that is between business and government transactions conducted through the network mode of operation activities, such as electronic clearance, electronic filing and so on.

The main difference is the object:
B2B: inter-enterprise EC
B2C: Business to users of EC
C2C: person to person the EC
C2B: person-to-business EC
Note: EC is the e-commerce

Two schools of B2B platform comparison:

Asia B2B platform genre (in maritime network, Alibaba,Tradett,million net, HC, Made in China trading network, business network, business Bao, made-in-china, global resources, as the representative)

1, the well-known in the country, gathering a large number of similar enterprises;
2, traffic was relatively large;
3, more closely tied to the domestic customer service;
4, release type of business transaction mechanism is relatively straightforward and easy to operate.
5, breaking the traditional face to face trading ideas to achieve quick and easy.
1, generally does not solve a fundamental problem – the customer’s access to foreign buyers is low;
2, is considered a foreign commodity China’s distribution platform to a short single-and low-volume-based, is difficult to have a large customer inquiry;
3, the internal mass Inquiry Inquiry makes way more, but less volume;
4, which flooded a large number of domestic enterprises, competition makes the profit is very low;
5, to get good rankings need to incur significant costs, more and more low cost;
6, is basically concentrated in the advantages of clothing, gifts, hardware, electronics and other industries as well as Southeast Asia and Middle East markets. 7, can not be guaranteed safety, fear of hacker attacks, the website will be paralyzed, resulting in significant losses.

Europe B2B platform genre (in kompass kompass, Thomas thomasnet, Carrier kellysearch as the representative)

1, the basic traffic from overseas, mainly to Europe, throughout the world;
2, in traditional publishing and exhibitions and other business information with a long history, has a solid foundation and high reputation;
3, gathered outside the high-end buyers and business people, high quality inquiry, once a transaction will be long-term stable cooperation; 4, trading standards, focusing on brand and credit, enhance the long-term competitiveness;
5, business inquiries and brand, product display of publicity means rich.
6, advanced technology platform, service-depth, accurate and reliable data.
1, in the country not well known;
2, a high degree of specialization, the use of more complex;
3, less direct inquiry;
4, the transaction process is longer.